Primer Sketchakucha… Fet !

Ahir va ser el primer Sketchakucha amb una bona
Va ser una gran experiència. 
Moltes gràcies als pioners, 
que van encetar aquesta activitat que tindrà
Moltes gràcies a totes i tots els que ens vareu acompanyar!!!

USk Barcelona tries its first Sketchakucha !
Well we did it! On Thursday 23 February the USk
Barcelona group met to experience its first Sketchakucha.
Brave sketchers had volunteered to try the format and
present their work. It is a difficult exercise, from selecting 20 pictures (and
only 20!) to talking 6 minutes (and only 6!) …. But all managed really well and
surely have convinced others to give it a try!
We were lucky to have a really good variety of
drawings to discuss and experiences to share.  From the light of the
summer sea, the windows and facades of the city, the stories of the Barceloneta
to the packed waiting room of a hospital. Take a look, we have put links
to the presentations on this blog.
We believe now the ice is broken we will have more
sessions and we will learn so much from each other!  

And we can only encourage you to have a go in your group. Fun and
enriching at the same time!